• Horacio E Velazquez

Salto Barreal Peñuelas

El Salto Barreal, Salto de Peñuelas or also known as "La Garganta del Diablo/The Devil's throat". It is located in the Santo Domingo sector or neighborhood in the town of Peñuelas, Puerto Rico. For most of the travelers, the trail is not so difficult, but is for experienced people. Just a fairly well marked trail where you cross the river several times, hike some rocks, narrows trails near high cliffs and so on. It's about an hour's walk at a normal pace. Sure! there are several refreshing natural pools that you should not miss. If you can't swim, wear life vest, some of the pools are very deep.

Almost at the end of the trail, to have access to "Salto Barreal", you must do some climb...again. There are some rope the hikers leave to help reach the top. Get your own rope just in case.

Please, wear good waterproof hikers shoes, suitable clothing including long sleeves, pleny of waters and snacks.

Remember, enjoy the beauty of this awesome island and always leave the area clean. Let's respect the enviroment. :-) #peñuelas #saltobarreal #gargantadeldiablo #puertorico #photogwire

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